Friday, October 29, 2010

Battle for the Cowl: Batman Collection Reveal!

The day has finally arrived to unveil our Batman collections, here's my shelf of Batman in all its glory! My lovely wife let me use a couple of her Halloween Bats to decorate with on either side, thanks again.

So, on the shelf I have 101 Batman plus an additional 3 of plush I keep in the collection AND my late find from yesterday, he's at the end of the post and now on the shelf, giving me a grand total of 105 Different Batmans (or is that Batmen). I will note I could have slammed Reis in the plush area of the competition as I have access to countless variations of plush Batman items.

click image to see larger

So, Here is the break down by section. You can click on any of the photos to get a much larger view.

click image to see larger

1) Mattel JLU Justice Lord Batman
2) Kenner Knightquest Batman
3) JLU Gray Batman Articulated
4) Mattel The Batman Crimson Patrol Batman
5) JLU Blue Gray Batman Articulated
6) C3 Minimate Mini Batmobile Batman
7) Lego Bat Dragster (among others) Minifig
8) C3 Minimate Large Batmobile Batman
9) C3 Minimate Mini Flyer Batman
10) C3 Minimate Chemical Warehhouse Batman
11) Mattel The Batman Deluxe Battle Wing
12) Mattel The Batman Aqua Attack
13) Mattel JLU Black Suit Batman
14) C3 Minimate Bat Glider Batman
15) DC Direct Alex Ross Batman
16) Mattel The Batman Bruce to Batman
17) Mattel JLU Batman (Series One)
18) C3 Minimate Stealth Batwing Batman (yellow trim)
19) C3 Minimate Batwing Batman (blue trim)
20) C3 Minimate 89' Batman (extra figure with Stealth Batwing)
21) Unidentified Batman Ornament
22) Mattel The Batman Shadowtek Ultra Battle Fist Batman
23) Mattel The Batman Zip Action
24) Mattel JLU Batman Figurine
25) Mattel The Batman 10" Rotocast With Grapple
26) Mattel The Batman Bruce to Batman Second Version
27) Mattel The Batman Campbells Soup Mail Away
28) Kenner 100th Edition Batman
29) Mattel The Batman standard without Zip Action

click image to see larger

30) Mattel The Batman Hotwheels Pack In Figurine
31) Mattel The Batman Ultimate Defender
32) Medicom Kubricks DC Comics BAtman
33) Target Mini Batman Ornament version 1
34) Target Mini Batman Ornament version 2
35) Mattel The Batman 10" Rotocast With Flight Pack
36) DC Direct The Dark Knight Returns Batman
37) Mattel DC Universe Superman/Batman Film Batman
38) Mattel DC Universe Gotham Knight Film Batman
39) Mattel Batman Zip Line Batman
40) Kenner Dark Knight Collection Wall Scaler Batman
41) DC Direct Silver Age Set Batman
42) Hasbro 9" Target Exclusive Silver Age Batman
43) Mattel JLU Detective Batman
44) DC Direct Super Friends Scarecrow Set Batman
45) Applause Batman Figurine
46) Hasbro Toy Shop Golden Age Set Batman
47) Kenner Superpowers Batman
48) DC Direct 13" Batman (Modern)
49) DC Direct Super Friends Batman Statue
50) Hasbro 9" Guardian of Gotham First Release Batman (Dark Blue Cowl)
51) Mattel DC Super Friends Blue/Gray Batman
52) Ertl DC Super Heroes Die Cast Figurine Batman
53) Mattel JLU 10" Batman
54) Mattel Retro Action DC Super Heroes Batman
55) Kenner Walmart Exclusive Figure Two Pack Gotham City Adventures Batman
56) Mego Worlds Greatest Super Heroes Batman
57) McDonalds Brave and the Bold Batman
58) Mattel Brave and the Bold Hang Climber Batman
59) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman w/ Grapple

click image to see larger

60) Mattel DC Universe Classics Classic Detective Batman
61) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman w/ Batarang
62) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman fists
63) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman aqua
64) Hallmark Batman Ornament
65) Hasbro 9" First Appearance Book Set Batman
66) DC Direct First Appearance Batman
67) Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Belt Batman
68) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Knight Batman
69) McDonalds Batman the Animated Series Batman
70) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman Release 2 (Batgirl Two Pack Release)
71) Ertl Batman the Animated Series Fight Stance Figurine
72) Batman the Animated Series Cake Topper Batman
73) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman w/Comic Release 1
74) Kenner Batman the Animated Series Combat Bruce Wayne
75) Hasbro 9" Batman Beyond
76) Mattel DC Universe Classics Batman Beyond
77) Hasbro Batman Beyond Power Cape Batman
78) Hasbro JLA Dark Knight Batman
79) Applause Batman Returns Movie Suction Cup Batman
80) Mattel Batman Aqua Batman
81) Kenner Batman Forever Guardians of Gotham City Batman
82) Batman/Batman Returns Key Ring Batman
83) Mattel Batman Begins Battle Gear Batman
84) Mattel Movie Masters Batman Begins "Ghoul" Batman Chase Figure
85) Toy Biz 89' Batman
86) Mattel Batman Begins Rapid Fire Batman
87) Kenner The NEw Batman Adventures Glider Strike Batman (Unsure which release)
88) Mattel Movie Masters Batman The Dark Knight
89) Batman Returns Full Figure Candy Container
90) Medicom Kubricks 89' Batman

click image to see larger

91) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman vs Joker two pack Batman
92) Ertl 89' Batman Die Cast Figurine
93) Kenner The New BAtman Adventures Mission Masters Detective Batman
94) Applause Batman 89' Movie Suction Cup Batman
95) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman & Robin two pack Batman
96) Takara Microman Comic Batman
97) Kenner Walmart Exclusive Figure Two Pack Knight Watch Batman
98) Unsure Batman The New Adventures Batmobile or Batwing pack in figure
99) Mattel Batman Animated Classics Batman vs Catwoman two pack Batman
100) Takara Microman Batman Begins
101) Takara Microman Batman & Batgirl two pack Batman

click image to see larger

102) Toy Factory JLU Vinyl Head Batman (discontinued)
103) Toy Factory DC Super Friends Standard Style Batman (discontinued)
104) Toy Factory JLU Softie Style Batman (sample, not produced)

and last but not least
105) Kenner The New Batman Adventures Bat Plane Pack in Batman, or as I am now calling him "Tardy for the Party Batman"

These last 6 are my "Extras" for whatever reason or another you are going to end up with extras. They could be from a two or three pack or just because they had a new accessory, I thought I would put some numbers on them just to show them, they felt left out. They will be taking their place on the shelf after the competition.

click image to see larger

106) Mattel The Batman Tripple Strike Batman
107) Mattel DC Super Heroes Batman Release 2 (Single Pack Release)
108) Mattel JLU Batman Second Release with Wider Stance
109) Mattel Brave and the Bold Action League Batman fists Extra(you are going to get these with two pack releases)
110) C3 Minimate Mini Flyer Batman (Just wanted a Second one of these)
111) Mattel The Batman - This one has a cowl variation, I normally count this as a different figure, but hard to photograph so I pulled it from the line up.

Last, here is an outtake image showing how the Batshelf dominates my open collection, got to keep those Stormtroopers and Mr. Spocks in line.

click image to see larger

Also since I am writing this before the big reveal, and have no idea how many Batman items Reis has, I just want to add this was a fun little contest and brought back a lot of memories of why I collect certain things. It made me realize I have a crap load of batman toys and what not. It made me miss some I had given away or sold off, but still I have the memories. Oh, and it made me hope I thoroughly trounced Reis and his Batman Collection : )

Let's take a look at Hey! Look at my Toys! collection shall we?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Battle for the Cowl: Sneak Peek...

A spy photo if you will. I decided to shoot a quick camera phone shot of the whole thing before leaving for work this morning.

I Need to Address something here...

My Batman collecting Nemesis made an off the cuff remark about my Basset Hound Squee actually being Bat Hound. This is totally absurd, I ask you, does this dog look like it could be Bat Hound?

Would Bat Hound lounge around in the afternoon after a long morning nap, catching up on the shows she recorded the night before on Tivo? No, I think not.

Further more I have a side by side comparison of the two, and there is no way that Squee and Bat Hound are one in the same, Reis is crazy.

I will let you the readers decide and for you Reis, shame... SHAME ON YOU for picking on a poor little puppy.

I now return you to the Battle for the Cowl...

Battle for the Cowl: I keep finding Batman figures!

Check this out I was putting up a tote of Batman Vehicles and sitting in a Bat Plane was another Batman! Plus he's different! I must have like 14 or 15 now! Dude, Reis you are so going down buddy!

Cool thing is he's a re deco of the BTAS Combat Belt Batman in TNBA colors, sweet! Anyway I will not have time to reshoot the entire collection so I am submitting him as a quick and somewhat blurry camera phone picture. Fifteen! Yeah!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Battle for the Cowl: Warehouse Meeting with Bat Hound

The following took place at 3:00 AM Wednesday morning.
note: It helps if you read Bat Hound's parts in the gravelly Batman voice.

Chunky B- Hey Bat Hound, why the hush, hush meeting in this old warehouse.

Bat Hound- I have been tracking the movements of this Reis. He's a pretty shady character, thought you should see for yourself.

Chunky B- What are you talking about?
Bat Hound- Take a look...

Bat Hound- I did some digging and found a bone, then I dug some more and tracked a network that runs so deep in the toy industry it makes the mob look like pre-schoolers.
Chunky B- You mean he's smuggling illegal stuff?
Bat Hound- Oh he's not bringing in the usual knock offs and bootlegs, he brining in something worse... the "home brew"....
Chunky B- How deep does it go?
Bat Hound- It runs from the sweat shop to the officials that you elect to protect you from this sort of thing.
Chunky B- I don't understand... how is he doing it?

Bat Hound- Reis is having the components gathered through a network of scalpers and speculators, bored with their usual eBay heists, looking to make a quick buck. They scour the flee markets, thrift stores and garage sales for anything that has at least five points of articulation, they ship their finds to gather points on the east coast. Sweat shops there do the "cleaning" and "dressing" then they are boxed up and shipped through back channels to a warehouse in the mid west.

When Reis needs them he posts a video blog and gives the signal... usual something like adjust some goofy headwear or goggles. The items are then routed through Los Angeles, processed and delivered to a back room at a coffee shop in Seattle were he knows the owner, a cup of coffee and a payoff and he takes his goods home to add to his collection.

Chunky B- Just like in Detective Comics Bat Hound!
Bat Hound- Except in the comics people do not get hurt or beat near to death on an assembly line for not making their quota.
Chunky B- Well, lets take a look...

...Really? They didn't even try. Of course, classic Reis M.O., no cape.

Chunky B- Well, at least this one has a cape...

Chunky B- It Figures...

Chunky B- Whaa? What's this?

Bat Hound- Uh, that's mine, fell out of my Utility Collar... careful that's more than a squeaky toy, it's full of treats too...

Chunky B- So, what do we do now Bat Hound?
Bat Hound- I return to Gotham and fight crime... you take this Reis to school and slaughter his Batman collection.

Chunky B- When will I see you again?
Bat Hound- I will be back around 7:00 AM for my breakfast and brushing.

*No Basset Hound or action figure was hurt in this production, the Basset Hound did get paid in treats for her performance.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Battle for the Cowl - Teaser

Well I have my setup already for this Friday and Reis and I have agreed to a 8:00 AM Pacific Time on Friday October 29, 2010 for the reveal.

click for larger image

I hope to see everyone then as I totally trash Reis' dreams of being the king collector of the cowl. Plus this is also an image test I want to make sure everyone can see all NUMBER OMITTED FOR SECRECY of my Batman items! More to come.

A Festive Trooper

Lets start Monday off with a little Stormtrooper action. This is what happens when I get bored...


Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Plastic Playthings

A long time ago in a toy shop far, far away... okay maybe just in Austin. These ships are from a while back though, sometime around the early 2000's I had made a stop at my favorite toy store, Toy Joy. I cannot help but love this shop, if you have read this blog through I have mentioned it only a couple of times. I can honestly say that every time I have stopped there I have never, NEVER been disappointed.

On this trip these little plastic space ships caught my eye, they were in the little "cheap" (or I should say inexpensive) toy bins. I quickly sorted through the space ship bin and found that they were four styles to choose from. I think it's always good practice to scope out your choices before making your final selection. I grabbed up one of each, which was strange at the time cause I was into buying multiples of stuff, and proceeded with my other purchases to check out.

There is not a lot of info on these toys, but the feel of the plastic is sort of an upgrade from the gum ball machine toys, somewhat flexible, not too much as I did manage to snap off a radar dish from the rover, but enough that they are not overly brittle. They also are marked as made in GERMANY. That's it, I have no other clue as to what they are from, if any license, or if they are simple generic ships. I realize now I should have inquired as to where and what they were from when I bought them. I do know they are super sweet and have a few moving parts. For instance the rover's wheels can swing back under its carriage and become a monster truck rover and a couple of the ships have some sliding parts that allow cockpits to rotate or radars dishes to slide.

For scale I threw a Sharpie in the picture. These things are a little smaller than a Hotwheels car, but just as awesome, they really remind me of some of the little playthings you get from the gum ball machines of our youth. They are also fun to have kicking around on the desk ready to explore the unknown. How sweet would it be if these were left over from some of those Kinder Surprise eggs? Mmmmmmnnnnn, chocolate and space ships...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well Happy Birthday your highness...

"Would someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"

That's right I got it right this year! Princess Leia's Birthday! You know the walking carpet line always bugged me, for that matter some other lines got me thinking, how come the citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy called items the same thing we did. I guess that's what makes it work so well, I have seen other Sci-Fi movies that renamed everything to the point of absurdity. But still as a kid I wondered in a world filled with shiny metal floors and sandy breakfast nooks did they really have carpets?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Battle for the Cowl - Post Two

I had an opportunity to speak with the Bat Hound here at eclectorama. We spoke of fighting crime, new Bat gadgets and the Battle for the Cowl. Bat Hound shared some thoughts with me on my competition.

Chunky B -"So, Bat Hound how do you think I will fare in this upcoming competition, the Battle for the Cowl, against Reis?

Bat Hound - "Who? Reis? Never heard of him."

Chunky B - "You know he used to be some big shot blogger, Geek Orthodontist, or something like that. Now he goes around and picks fights or throw downs with people and their toy collections... sort of like a cross between Geoffrey the Giraffe and Bobby Flay.

Bat Hound - "Haa! Ha Ha Ha... Geoffrey the Giraffe... Oh, haa. I wouldn't worry about this Reis character ...Geoffrey the Giraffe, whew.

Chunky B - Thanks, but I really am not too worried about what Reis will throw at me, sounds like he's...

Bat Hound
- "Wait, hold that thought... I hear a cry for help!"

Bat Hound - "I'm off! I have more important things to attend to than this Reis fellow."

Chunky B - "Well, thanks Bat Hound, we'll see you later then? Around dinner?"

Bat Hound - "Yes, Justice needs to eat!"

So, sort of short, but Bat Hound did leave me a few more Batmans for the shelf.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As promised

Here's a little pre garage sale sort action. My assistant was non other than "the Gert" (Gertie) the resident Bulldog. She really is a big help and keeps you hopping. Meaning you do not leave things laying around for too long. She would make regular trips and nose around to see if I had uncovered any squeaky toys or a nyla bone.

Walking into the room that just the day before had been clean. This time though nothing but toys on top of toys.

A photo of a little of the sorting action going down and a shot of the inside of the closet. If those boxes stacked on that tote in the foreground were not there you could actually see the floor in the closet.

Here's some things I learned during that sort.

1) I really do not need to go through a toy aisle for quite some time, I have plenty to keep me busy and posting.

2) I miss the cleaned out room.

3) Never, I'll repeat NEVER, store your JLU loose in a tote with no circulation or some sort of protection. See this photo, these two were stored onto of each other and there was some sort of reaction with the plastic.

4) Mattel's newer toys seemed to have more issues with plastic melting, paint rubs and the dreaded molt on rubbery parts. Kenner/Hasbro, to date only one problem with a Mr. Freeze, that was easily cleaned. My verdict I wish Hasbro made more of the toys I like.

5) You really need to get in the mindset to sort, not go and open a tote and start having memory flashbacks, that is if you don't want to get rid of stuff.

6) I found some long thought to be lost friends. Though still no vintage R2-D2, I'm afraid he is gone forever.

All said and done the garage sale saw six toy totes cleared out and I am on the way to clearing out a comic tote. The Room now has stacks of comics everywhere, but I will need to get it all straightened up for the Battle for the Cowl.

Sweet Googly Moogly!

I try not to do this often, but check out this T-Shirt for sale right now at Tee Fury...

click image to go to Tee Fury

If you are not familiar with Tee Fury they post a new design every day and you only have 24 hours to buy it before it's gone forever. I have actually purchased a couple shirts in the past from them and they are really a nice quality. This one may be on my list, it has everything especially if Batman is flying that thing. Which I believe he is. I guess I better hurry, there is only a little over 12 hours left.

I am in noway profiting from this link, just thought my fellow Sci-Fi friends would dig this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Battle for the Cowl - Post One

So, some of you may have noticed that my buddy Reis made a comment on my last post that I was flaunting my Batman Collection and he pretty much challenged me to a face off, de hombre a hombre. Apparently Reis fancies himself a Batman collector, oh how cute. So let it be known that I accept your challenge Reis, and as soon as we agree on some terms to the competition we will be having a Batman face off, a Battle for the Cowl. Which will end with one of us giving up a Loose Batman from our collection and a custom illustration for the winner. Oh wait I should say I will be getting one of Reis' Batmans and he will be drawing me something when I win.

More later as the terms and the spoils are settled on. Plus I will post more on my efforts to thin out my collection soon.

Update: The Rules have been agreed upon and are as follows:

1) Toys/Statues/Etc. have to be open, not sealed on a card or in a box.

2) Batman has to be 3-D and head-to-toe, meaning PEZ dispensers and busts are out.

3) Variations count, meaning Reis's Pink Foo Foo Batman can be used, as well as all the countless color variations that Hasbro and Mattel have made.

4) No repeats, so Reis will not be able to use his fifteen bootleg Batmans he went and picked up at the dollar store an hour ago. Just one, buddy, sorry.

5) I guess that means Bootlegs are allowed... if you have to Reis.

The prizes, well the loser has to draw a picture for the winner declaring that they are indeed the champion and they also have to give up an agreed upon loose figure from their collection. Reis is putting up a 1978 Mego Pocket Heros Batman, I have a Campbell's Soup Mail Away Batman on the chopping block (Really? I can't believe you do not have that one.) We will both be posting a collection photo and close up photos of the collection along with our figure counts on the morning of Friday, October 29, 2010. So be there and witness my victory!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I have been up to...

I have been cleaning up my home workspace. It was really a mess, toys everywhere leftover pieces of past projects and stacks upon stacks of stuff. It was time to really sort it all out, it has taken a few nights and a Saturday or two, but here is pretty much an in progress shot or two of the room before a major toy sort the next day.

I have taken what used to be a shrine to Batman and set up several of my collecting interests. At the top is all my Mighty Muggs, I don't know if I would call myself a Mighty Mugg collector per se, but I do have a few and I sort of like the simplicity of these ugly little dudes. Also there are maybe a couple more I would like to get, but no hurry. Next shelf I have started displaying my loose Batman figures and the like. Just Batman only, I say started because this represents maybe a third of all my Batman items. I am slowly unpacking the rest and may shoot some pictures of the whole shelf crammed full of Batman, just so I can get a count. Next from the top is my trooper shelf, this is about half of my troopers, maybe a little over half. Right now it has basic troopers represented and some sandtroopers, I will ad some scouts and more sandtroopers, but I am trying to keep it in the OT range, sorry Clone Wars fans. I have pretty much ditched most of my Clones, I hung onto a handful but that's it. Next shelf down is the "New" Original twelve I have been working on with Brian at Yesterville Toy Room, some of my vintage Star Wars and about half my Spock collection, again some of my Spock figures are packed and are in the process of being unpacked. The bottom shelf has my box of Minimates, some select Joes and a Marvel or two. The cabinet houses my EMCE Trek collection and my original Megos.

Next up is my drawing desk. Right now just shoved in the corner with a long box and tote full of comics under it. I will be sorting these and thinning them out as well, more on that. Right above the desk is the BMF and my Gentle Giant Stormtrooper, plus a couple X-Wings.

Finally my storage closet, stuffed full. It's a sliding door set up, but trust me if I was to slide the door the other way you would get more of the same, tote upon tote upon tote of stuff! This is about half packaged and half loose toys. The totes on the floor in front of the closet are some books I am sorting through, misc. stuff and two more totes of loose toys. Oh also I have some packages I have been meaning to get in the mail to a couple of blog buddies (those will be leaving in a few weeks I have to stick some more things in them). So, here we have the reason for the post. This closet is so packed I cannot enjoy what I have. So I have been doing a MAJOR toy sort this week, ending in one helluv a garage sale this Saturday. My goal it to loose the stuff that is really not in my new range of collecting interests, ditch some stuff I really do not care for (some extras and someone of a kind, so to speak) and generally re claim some space. I have had probably five purges over many years, but this one is really cutting close to the bone, it's what I had deemed in the past all my keepers, I will say there is some Star Wars and Batman things that are hitting the chopping block, its rough, but needed. Time to really put in the effort to simplify the collection some. I really would like to have at least half the closet back for stuff that needs to go in there.

I am by far not finished collecting stuff, there are a few toys I am still on the hunt for, but in the past few months I have trimmed back my wants and needs and have tried to stay focused on the task at hand. I will be talking about toys again in the future, but first I need to get it more organized and gain some breathing room.
I will leave you with a little shot of the Batman shelf, this morning though more Batmen had joined the army so be on the look out for updates. I will also try and shoot some better pictures of each of the shelves if anyone is interested in seeing that sort of thing.

P.S. Don't worry Bubba Shelby, all my BTAS stuff is staying I still have some posts to catch up on : )

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't be so proud of this technological terror you created...

I love that whole speech in Star Wars, that and when he tells the princes "You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, take her away!" So, here's a lil' Vader for lil' Boba to hang with.

Also a not so funny story, I usually draw these up in individual files, but this time I though I would draw Vader in the same file as Boba, don't know why, but I did. Anyhoo I tossed a layer I thought was a junk layer and since I was working on a separate art board of course I didn't notice I tossed Boba out with the layer until I had saved like a million times already. I was sort of pissed, but I had no one to blame but myself. Then I thought "Time Machine!", but you know what? Time Machine works better when you turn it on, I forgot I didn't set it up when I set up the computer... guess what I am setting up now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's been a while...

What can I say, it's been a busy few weeks (or more) and it doesn't look like it will slow down until after Halloween, so I'll try to post something when I can, hang in there and in the mean time enjoy a lil' Boba.