Monday, July 27, 2009

Vader Invasion: Day 2

If you remember from last Friday, LEon over at Open The Toy started a Vader Invasion. Basically you pull out your Vaders (Black cloaked, no Annies) and you throw them up on your blog. Well I have shot all my Vader, or close to all and have enough to take me through till Sunday! So if you want to see a bunch of Vaders, then you should be good till then, if not I hope you come back next week because as I was pulling Vaders from storage I ran across some of my other buddies and I would like to show them to ya.

Anyway I hope you stay for the whole Vader Invasion so let's get this week going!

First up is a little jewel from 1977...

No. 6: Texas Instruments Digital Watch

Another of my first Star Wars items, doesn't fit, and I'm picking up some batteries to see if it still works, but it looks good and has Vader on it!

No. 7: 1978 Kenner Darth Vader Action Figure
No. 8: 1994 Kenner/Hasbro Darth Vader Action Figure

Here is my original Darth Vader, or one of them anyway. I'm guessing this was a second one I bought back in the day because my first one was destroyed. His cape is tore and his Lightsaber has seen better days, but I'm really surprised he held up this well considering all the adventures I put him through.

Joining him is the re-molded 1994 version of the classic action figure. You're thinking didn't they have those beefed up versions in 1994? Yes they did, and they would not fit in the re-released vehicles, so Kenner went back and re-cast off a vintage action figure. Vader came packed him with a Luke, Han, and Chewy so parents could give their children a figure that would fit in their X-Wing.

The new guy is a little bit shorter than the original, weird huh?

No. 9: Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Carrying Case

From around 1980, a classic, I bet every home had one of these and you were in trouble if you got yours confused with your buddies. Especially if they had less figures than you.

Let's open it up!

Well, looky there, some battle damaged heros! If you will notice a nice vintage replacement Bossk with head attached. I had to replace my original one after my Son and Nephew tortured him. I'm getting off track this is Vader's day.

No. 10: Just Toys Bend Em's Darth Vader

I have a couple of these, one has ridden on the rear view mirror of my past three cars. This one was an extra one that I kept all fresh, and I have a packaged version as well.

There was a clearance sale back in 1992 or 93 and since there were no figures out yet, I picked up some for my Son and Nephew and a couple for me. I think I paid 2 bucks a set for them.

I like how the Vader is posed in the package, like he's presenting the rest of the figures.

No. 11: Galloob Darth Vader Micro Machines Playset

About 1995 or 96 these sweet little playsets started showing up. This one is of course Darth Vader and when you open him up you get a cool fold out playset of Bespin, Cloud City. Where Darth Vader battled Luke, and spilled the beans that he was his father, plus frozen Han Solo was whisked away by Boba Fett and C3-P0 was dismantled by some Stormtrooper fire.

Oh no! Vader pushed Luke out of the window!

No. 12: 12 inch Collectors Edition Darth Vader

Jumping ahead a little to around 1996 we have the 12 inch Collectors Edition Darth Vader. One of the first 12 inch figures produced since the original from the Vintage line. Based on Hasbro's GI Joe Body these first larger format figures lacked accurate dimensions for the helmets. They came off a little cheesy, but that's why I love this Vader so much, besides it's always the first attempt that gives the artist ground for what is to come later.

So that's it for today's Vader Invasion post. Tune back in tomorrow for more from my Vader Collection.


LEon said...

Wow! It's really a trip down the memory lane. It's great that the Invasion turn out to be a week event! Will include the link over at my end. :D

Brian Ashmore said...

That was a cool time when the Just toys bendies started to show up on toy shelves. Wow!!! Star Wars toys!!! Hard to imagine today that there was ever a period of time when you couldn't walk into any department store and have a myriad of Star Wars items to choose from. The time between 1984 and 1992 or so when there was NOTHING Star Wars related available (except for a few model kits here and there) must seem inconceivable to some of the younger collectors today.

When Kenner started producing the orange carded figures, it was like a dream come true. Real action figures (not bendies) and vehicles!! I went nuts like you did and bought multiples. I still like these guys,too, as it seemed miraculous that they were actually on toy shelves. When the 12-inchers were announced, it was icing on the cake.

rob! said...

I gave away all my Star Wars toys to my cousin, and I remember handing them over in the giant Darth Vader head.

Some scars don't heal.