Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye to Toys!

Just kidding Greedo, it's more like a New Years Toy Resolution!

I've been thinking a long time about my toy collecting habits and decided today to cut back on my toy purchases for the next year. Now I know what everyone is thinking, but I am going to try very hard to do this, and not to worry I will still have plenty of toy goodness to talk about. I still have a few items I haven't opened up or shot pictures of, plus there is the whole collection just waiting to be featured.

Now of course I say this after making a trip to the store at lunch and picking up a couple of the Batman Brave and the Bold mini packs. In all fairness the two packs I picked up were on my short list of things I want.

So here's what I decided to collect over the year, it will be interesting to see if I stick to this list.

• New Mattel Retro Heroes
• New EMCE Star Trek Line
• A few Star Trek Models (about three or four I have my eye on)
• About five figures from the Wave 12 and 13 of the Current Star Wars line
• A couple misc. Ebay Spocks for the Spocklection
• A Justice League Unlimited Firestorm figure
• A DCUC Batman in Black outfit
• A GI Joe City Strike Snake Eyes
• A Lego X-wing and Imperial Hoth Battle Pack
• A Whampa MightyMugg
• Two Star Trek Hot Wheels
• An Ecto One Hot Wheels

• I forgot, the Iron Man II - classic Comic Iron Man

That's pretty much it. I think I will flush out a list when February rolls around and Toy Fair has come and gone. I may have to shorten the list, but as it stands I think I have a nice sampling of my favorite licenses up there. I killed off collecting the JLU figures except for Firestorm and I killed the DCUC line except for the lone Batman I want. GI Joe took a hit as well, only one figure in the plan. Star Wars I haven't really had a problem with lately, that wave 12 that consists of Empire Strikes Back guys is pretty sweet though.

I also plan on keeping track of the items I buy along with cost and location, I have seen this done on OAFE and thought it was a good idea, for my own information at least. I want to try and keep it under 1000.00 for the year, that's about 83 bucks a month. That has to include tax and shipping, so it should be fun. I really want to try and beat that figure though. That seems like such a crazy high number for toys, but the shipping alone can kill your budget.

Also how do you include Birthdays and Holiday gifts? I have some Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket right now! Should that count? How about toy trades?

So I decided I need to stay off Ebay and out of the toy aisles, wish me luck! I think at the end of each month I will post a progress report, if anyone is interested. Also someone throw some water on Bubbashelby I think he passed out somewhere in the beginning of the post.


Bubbashelby said...


Gurglegurgle what happened?! Where am I?

*Looks around for water source

Mario! said...

Good luck! I'll be trying to cut back a little, too. I think it will be easier with GI Joe and Transformers, since there won't be so much out there without a movie this year. And Star Wars is going to be pretty dead until August, from what I understand.

We'll have a better feel for this after Toy Fair, I think.

LEon said...

I am with you on this. Like you I still have toys that I have not review and as I am taking a new commitment in fatherhood, my child need more money than I do. Unless my income has a increase significantly, else it going to be buy lesser toy.

chunky B said...

@ Bubba, can always count on you for the funny.

@ Mario, August huh? Awe man are they coming out with a revised AT-AT? That would mean I have to shift the list around.

@ LEon, I take it congratulations are in order, kids open up a whole new world of toy buying, plus keeps you young.

Mario! said...

There have been rumors of a new AT-AT, but nothing confirmed so far. I'm guessing that if they do come out with one, it will be late in the year, and announced at SDCC. Here's hoping!

LEon said...

Thank you Chunky! In regard to the AT-AT, I would not imagine how big it should be since they enlarge the last Minimum falcon.

chunky B said...

RebelScum has a link with "spy images" of a possible sales sheet for the AT-AT, this is how the Falcon went, if so I might be asking for just an AT-AT from Santa this coming year...

Better yet get two and build a table! Furniture shouldn't count!

Brian A said...

Ah, so that's where you've been...sitting at the top of a mountain somewhere contemplating toys. :)

JLU six packs clearanced at Target for 7.95 each right now...just sayin'.

I applaud you in your efforts to curb the toy habit. I should probably be doing the same. Maybe we should start a support group or something.