Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spock Stop 20: Dacula, GA

It's Spockcation time again, actually I have had these for a little while and just got around to posting them. This is Spock's second of three stops in Georgia, Spock has some fans in Georgia! His host for this stop is none other than my pals over at Puppatoons, Liz and her husband Steve. Love puppets, then head over there for a visit, Liz is a working puppeteer and her husband... well I'll let their pictures tell the story.

So let's get it started, oh and I will be going without a lot of captions this time, because well if you can't tell where Spock visited it will become pretty apparent by the end of the photos.

Guess where he is at yet?

Turner Mansion

Across the street (or highway) there is Adult Swim!

Spock looking for Scotty

Liz and Spock lending a hand on the March Madness set

Spock visiting Steve at work

Steve and Spock

Well Spock's work visit sure beats my little C-3PO office visit. That was very cool seeing all the stuff scattered around the hallways of Cartoon Networks HQ, hope Steve didn't get in trouble having Spock visit while he was busy working on the latest cartoons. Thanks again to Liz and her husband for showing Spock around, now it's time for Spock to be heading to his next stop in Georgia, so keep checking back to see where Spock ends up!

Live long and prosper.


Unknown said...

Man Spock always gets to go to the best places!

Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to get a tour of the CN studio in Burbank and it looks as if the GA one is just as fun and cool a place to work.

I was also surprised to see so many animators working with Flash!

chrismandesign said...

i wish i could travel the way he does =/... Cartoon Network !!! ENVY !!!

Onigaijan said...

These were probably my fave pics yet!! Spock's so lucky, he always gets taken to the nicest places...

Brian Ashmore said...

That is sweet!!! Very cool.


Brian B said...

That was cool.