Monday, February 19, 2007

Batman Beyond Style Guides!

A friend, we'll call him William to protect his identity, has just handed me a set of Batman Beyond Style Guides. These are the guides that companies use to help design and manufacture things like Batman toys, in this case Batman Beyond!

These are, to date, my favorite style guides I have ever used. They are beautifully bound little books that have the CD trays for the artwork built right in. Each has a hard gloss cover, and gloss pages that have the artwork included on the CDs jumping out at you in four color process.

I remember using these to help sculpt the Batman Beyond Head mentioned in an earlier post, and also to set up graphics for various products. I never thought I would see these again and am glad William thought enough to bring these to me, knowing I'm a Batman Fanatic and having sat through many a lunch where I talked about these very same style guides. I hope to go through these in a little more detail in the future, but for now enjoy these pictures. Oh and William lunch is on be buddy!

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