Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Batman Collection

I know, I know, I've left all two of my readers days without a post. So I thought I would show off some of the Batman Collection here at Studio Howell. Maybe this will be a feature in the future? Who knows. Anyway this little teaser picture does contain an item I made. It's left over from when I was serving time at a little amusement toy company called Play By Play Toys and Novelties. We had about 98% of all the licenses out there that there was to obtain at the time, one of those being anything Batman. I was the Art Director over the Product Development division of the Art Department and I talked our Plush Department Manager to let a couple of the other artists and myself have a little competition sculpting the head for the vinyl head of the new Batman at the time, Batman Beyond. Thing is we had less than a week to do our sculpts and send them of to DC Comics. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention not one of us had ever sculpted professionally before?

Wether we were pros or not I worked two full nights on this bad boy and sent it to DC Comics on deadline. I actually received positive feedback on the sculpt with minor revisions as did one of the other artists, it then came down to time and I had to let the other guy finish as I was needed on a Superman or Looney Tunes project. I did have my sculpt returned and was allowed to keep it and knowing DC liked it really is something.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome collection, I can't wait to see more!