Friday, February 9, 2007

Big Spider and Big Plans

Second post and still going strong! For this post I bring you a huge spider! This was taken on a street sign near our home. As we took the bassets for their daily walk we noticed this huge spider, and by huge I mean on the "Utini Scale" about a Jawa action figure heigh (for the non Star Wars people out there, somewhat larger than a half dollar). I snapped the shot and we saw this friendly little fellow for about two weeks ever day on our walk. A little research told me that this is normally called Araneus cavaticus - Araneus or an Orb/Wheel Weaving Spider. Turns out this was the kind of spider that inspired Charlotte's Web, though this one never did much in the way of weaving any messages - oh well that's some spider!

As far as big plans go I have a few features I will be working on in the coming weeks that will spotlight some cool collectables from some of my favorite properties, but be patient "Flying through hyper-space is not like dusting crops boy!"

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