Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Crwazy, Crwazy Gungan's Garage Sale!

That's right I decided to clear some stuff out of the collection and man that Jar Jar (how I hate him) is gutting my collection and cutting the prices deep to the bone! That's the last time I leave him the keys to the Eclectorama Vault!

Messa Hasen Stuff for Sale!

Right now I just have stuff listed for sale to U.S. only, sorry the shipping overseas is outrageous, but if you say you saw it on the blog here when you win something I will throw in a little something, something (I promise no Jar Jar, he's going to the hounds!)

Why all the cool stuff for sale, well that's a big surprise! Let's just say it has something to do with my collecting focus(es)!


Unknown said...

Good luck with the sale CB if i had the extra cash i would pick up a few of those things you have listed but at the moment with the wife in school funds are limited.

Bubbashelby said...

Hmm, I'll be keeping an eye on a couple of these. Good luck!

Doc Atomic said...

Oh, it's on! Those shoes SO have my name on them! Heh.

Good luck on the sale, man. Looking forward to seeing what you're getting!

chunky B said...

Ha ha, yeah my wife saw how much fun I was having and wanted to try this eBay thing out : )

I actually pretty much reached my goal and decided I would try for another one!